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November 24, 2009 - 11:06 pm
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Didn’t manage to come up with anything to say today, so you get the latest thing to make me laugh.

My opinion of the relevant issue at hand doesn’t align with the poster, but the parody was so spot-on perfect that I actually got theme music and visual montages in my head: The Secret Life of Climate Researchers.

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  1. Marja Says:

    I’m old enough to remember the ‘the ice age is coming!’ stories in newspapers during the 70’s. Maybe the most worrying thing about these ‘the world is going end, unless we do this or that’ rounds is that in the long run they might erode the public’s willingness to believe the scientists. What if it is found out, after a few more decades of research, that the climate alarmists actually are right, but since the alarm about the warming has been going on for several decades with nothing really alarming, in real world terms, happening, would anybody be willing to listen anymore? Or something else comes along, and this time it is the real wolf?

    Well, the public, and the politicians, do seem to have a somewhat short memory, so perhaps it won’t matter.

    What has been keeping me skeptical about the climate change has been, besides some background in geology (hey, several periods, not that long ago, when it was a lot of warmer and the world didn’t perish then either) has been the way the whole thing has been presented. As if it really was something dead certain, after only a relatively short period of research, about something as chaotic as climate, with relatively scarce data that is not that easy to interpret – I’d be much more willing to believe if these researchers were willing to say that they don’t know everything yet, and if they were having some real debate with the skeptics instead of trying to start witch hunts. Makes the thing smell more of politics and effort to maintain careers and get research funds than something I should maybe actually worry about.

  2. daddyquatro Says:

    IMO the whole “climate change” movement jumped the shark when the EPA declared CO2 was hazardous. I mean, it’s only ONE OF THE BASIC BUILDING BLOCKS of life on frakkin’ Earth! Luckily, the EPA can’t actually do anything about CO2 levels, other than make all of our lives miserable by raising the cost of everything through regulation.

  3. Kristopher Says:

    The US papers are pretending it didn’t happen … but the foriegn press is all over it.

    New Zealand’s equivalent org, NIWA, had their emails and data ransacked by NZ government investigators yesterday, and are now at the head rolling stage for pulling the same crap.

    These gov. science admin bureaucrats are all acting like itinerant grifters, sharing with each other scamming and con tricks to hit the marks with, and then calling it “peer review”.