Welcome, Monster Hunters!

July 24, 2013 - 1:04 pm
Irradiated by Stingray

For the fans of Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter International series, the MHI RPG & Employee Handbook is available to all. I highly recommend it.

Those of you who already have a copy and may not be familiar with why this increasingly dust-covered little website is listed in the thanks, I believe the tale you’re looking for is here. Thanks for dropping by! As soon as we get this chupacabra infestation taken care of we might even manage to post something interesting again.

5 Responses to “Welcome, Monster Hunters!”

  1. Tam Says:



  2. Old NFO Says:

    Welcome back, kinda sorta… :-)

  3. Steve Bodio Says:

    Still checking in, kids. Write us some time…

  4. Kristophr Says:

    Kang died.


  5. Tam Says:


    Dude. Seriously.