Idle Musing

February 19, 2013 - 11:20 pm
Irradiated by Stingray

Having just rescued a daddy long-legs from drowning in the shower, and my general track record on spider-friendliness and rescuing and making pets out of the eight-legged little buggers, it’s going to be deeply ironic if LabRat and I are wrong on this whole atheism thing and it turns out spiders are god’s indicator of evil – those who squish on sight earn brownie points sort of thing.

Oh well. I wouldn’t want to share heaven with a bunch of arachnophobes* anyway.

*Spellcheck felt this should be Anglophobes. I don’t know why that tickled my funnybone so hard but I’ve been snickering for five minutes straight.

10 Responses to “Idle Musing”

  1. Old NFO Says:

    LOL, we had a cane spider for a ‘pet’ in Hawaii, used to feed that sucker hamburger crumbles :-)

  2. bluntobject Says:

    I’ve been known to feed the orb-weavers that like to spin webs on my balcony, so I’ll be right there with you. “Heaven for the climate, hell for the company” and all that.

  3. Joe Allen Says:

    That’s okay, daddy long legs aren’t really spiders:

  4. Sparrowkin Says:

    My husband befriended spiders. I was incoherent about them until they drifted down from a crack in my new living room ceiling to eye level in the chair I sat in to watch tv–Little ladies generally ended up six inches above my meal. except for the one that actually landed on me and died a horrible death this got me over the terror.

    –and I almost posted “Inedible” hulk on my blog once over “Incredible” so I am also laughing at the spell check

  5. LabRat Says:

    I’m fairly certain I’ve had several negative cooking outcomes that could be fairly described as “inedible hulk”.

  6. Egregious Charles Says:

    Good for you for spider-friendliness!

    Is there any religion that teaches that spiders are God’s indicator of evil? This is a really strange connection, kinda like me wondering whether atheists are right and I should have been eating Mallomars all my life. How’d it go – everyone else is religious, everyone else hates spiders, therefore religious people hate spiders? From a Christian perspective, it’s a lot easier to make a argument that indiscriminate spider-squishing is a sin. God knows when a sparrow falls, why not a spider?

  7. Stingray Says:

    This is why it was just an idle musing. I never claimed it made sense. :-p

  8. Jess Says:

    The spiders in my yard are welcome, as long as they stay high above my head with their webs. If they build across an area I travel, they’re nuked. That’s the rules, which we live and die by.

  9. LittleRed1 Says:

    Spiders outside are welcome unless they build a web across the door. Then we have trouble. Spiders inside get terminated.

    OK, one exception to the first rule. When there were a number of small kids around, and brown recluses were setting up residence under a porch where the kids like to go “exploring,” then the spiders had to go. And yes, I confirmed the identity of the spiders before cleaning them out.

  10. John Stephens Says:

    The only religion I know that says anything specific about spiders is the Navajo tradition, and Spider Woman is a positive figure. It’s snakes that seem to get all the bad publicity, due to that whole Garden of Eden thing (One bad day, and they never let you live it down).