Nerd Review: Taurus PT111-Pro

December 5, 2012 - 11:57 pm
Irradiated by Stingray

Throughout the various forms of chaos swirling about the Nerd Ranch like a water buffalo on acid*, I finally got my hands on the Taurus PT111 Pro from the Kilted to Kick Cancer drive. I’m told you weird freaks wonderful folks are fond of my gun reviews, so since LabRat is back off in her “I forgot how the add new post button works” malaise, here we go.

This is the single most generic gun I have ever experienced. The slide should just say “A Gun” and be done with it. Were it not for the removable, refillable magazine, this gun would be the platonic ideal of Tam’s blister-pack gun. There isn’t a thing bad about this gun. There isn’t a thing good about this gun.

The sights are adequate. Rounds pretty much go where you point it. The trigger…. works. It’s not good, but it’s certainly not bad either. The grip is present and works as advertised. It has only had a few dozen rounds through it so far, but of those it went bang each time and a hole appeared in the target.

Seriously, from now on when someone be it in a movie or a clueless “helpful” person in real life utters something to the effect of “You wait here, I’m going to get A Gun(TM),” this heater is exactly what I’m going to picture in my head.

Don’t take this wrong, this is not a slam against the PT111. In fact it’s the closest thing to praise I can give it. A Gun(TM) is the perfect thing to throw in your fishing tackle box. It won’t matter if you have to use A Gun(TM), and the police hold on to it and/or “lose” it while vetting the shoot as good or not. A Gun(TM) will not be adversely affected in the notion of having it if the finish is beat to crap from sitting in your truck under the seat for six months. A Gun(TM) will in all probability that I can tell so far continue to go bang when you pull the trigger for Long Enough(C).

It’s small enough that you can comfortably carry A Gun(TM) all day in a variety of fashions without noticing it much, or having to join the Hawaiian Shirt Mafia.

Of the four shooters I’ve had try it, the primary objection to A Gun(TM) is that spent brass comes pretty much straight back, and for two of the four, this resulted in the brass boinking off the center of their foreheads. The other two shooters had no such problem, but in thinking about the sort of situation where you need A Gun(TM), odds are that brass problem won’t really be a problem.

If you are a Ninja, move along. This is not the gun for you. If you have aspirations to ninjahood…we probably don’t get along anyway so this still isn’t the gun for you. If, however, you consider that at some point you may find yourself thinking “Holy shit, I need A Gun(TM)!” and don’t want to go nuts obsessing over what gun that may be, or what bells and whistles it may have in addition to the ability to fling lead at things you want to stop doing things, this little ballistic grey man may be perfect.

*Overheard in the office while editing post: “I’d say change it to ‘chaos rampaging,’ because I don’t exactly envision water buffalo swirling.” “Exactly.” “….ok.”

16 Responses to “Nerd Review: Taurus PT111-Pro”

  1. Chris Byrne Says:

    Having owned a Pt-111 (and sold it on), I can agree, it’s definitely “A Gun” ™ though these days, most choose a Glock for that function.

  2. Nick P. Says:

    Hey, I like my Hawaiian shirts thankyouverymuch.

  3. Stingray Says:

    Chris: Yeah, but there’s so much bling and BS for glocks now. With R. Lee and Dave Sevigny and different triggers, and sights and factory options too, they no longer fill the A Gun(TM) niche in my mind anymore. Sure, they’re still cheap overall, but when there’s that much available and have a fanboi base like they do… nope. No longer A Gun(TM).

    A taurus, on the other hand…. hey, who gives a shit it’s a taurus! That’s just A Gun(TM).

  4. Joe in PNG Says:

    I’m a bit more partial to the S&W J frame as my Gun ™. Easy to use, simple to tote, and there’s a ton out there.

  5. Bryan D Says:

    I am thinking about getting a Taurus M627. Thoughts? Purpose would be a fishing/camping gun. I am a grad student so price is of concern.

  6. Kristophr Says:

    I’m still waiting on Joe Haldeman’s blister pack single shots sold at convenience stores.

    The gun dye-marks the shooter and pinpoints it’s own location electronically if used.

  7. Correia Says:

    Okay, this totally isn’t related to the post, but I couldn’t find the email. Remember your Back off, man. I’m a Scientist! patch for the MHI patch contest? I gave it a cameo in Monster Hunter Legion. I’ve got the RPG coming out, and just wanted to say I was probably going to put a picture of your patch in there. (because it is awesome)


  8. Stuart the Viking Says:

    I have a Taurus PT-145 that I picked up from a friend years ago who needed to get rid of it quick (his new wife was terrified of guns… poor guy). Initially, I had intended on just trading it off as I had never been all that impressed with it, but damn, it somehow magically hit that perfect space of “it’s A Gun” (like you said) and I don’t have any sentimental attachment to it.

    Going on a trip? Toss it under the jeep’s front seat for some extra coverage. Going camping in the rain? Who cares if it gets a little wet, it’s made of plastic and stainless. A friend has a psycho-stalker, it’s an easy loan (where legal) because if said friend ends up having to ventilate said miscreant, who cares if it sits in the black hole of the evidence locker forever. If I feel the need for another, just pick one up from a gun show or something, they are relatively cheap.

    Until this gun came along, I didn’t know there was a space in my gun line-up for such a gun. Now I would never want to be without one.


  9. Stingray Says:

    Larry- Given as how you made Decision Week a key plot point and ascended my fanon, you could go out on a limb and say I remember. 😀

    Thanks for the heads up, the inclusion, the whole shebang! (Psst! Who makes your patches? All the online patch makers I’ve checked have been pricy as all get out or felt really fly-by-night.)

  10. Stingray Says:

    Bryan- My experience with taurus is limited, but since it’s a revolver, it’s likely to work better than their semi-auto offerings, and the only major concern would be the same as any other taurus. Namely that the final step in quality assurance is the customer, rather than an actual final step in quality assurance. Any other commenters with greater depth of experience, please feel free to weigh in.

  11. Correia Says:

    Decision Week was just too awesome not to use. It fit in perfect with having a team taking care of DoE mad science contracts. And then when I wanted something to come crawling out of the ground at Dugway it worked perfectly.

    For small runs of patches, lots of folks use Crooked Stitch out of Texas. Hopie runs it and she is a friend of mine and knows that anytime she makes an MHI patch for a fan she needs to send me a copy for my wall. For big runs (couple hundred at a time) I use Pride Embroidery out of Utah.

  12. Correia Says:

    And I forgot. How do you guys want to be named on the acknowledgement’s page? Should I just thank the Atomic Nerds?

  13. Stingray Says:

    Larry- Sent you an email so you’ve got the direct line too. Short version in case it gets caught in spam filters: Stingray & LabRat at will work just fine. :)

  14. Joe in PNG Says:

    It would be best to do a 200 round shakedown of any gun before you tote it regular. Especially if that maker doesn’t have the best reputation for quality control. And even if it’s a manufacturer with a sparkling reputation, this ensures you didn’t get one of the rare lemons.
    And this is 200 rounds with no problems, using your preferred defensive load as much as possible- 100% is best, but 50% is a bit easier, cost wise. After all, a day at the range is a better time to find out you new spinny gat is a ballistic bullet puller (or that yer semiautomatic tends to be a single shot) than 2am in the bad part of town.

  15. Matt G Says:

    Frankly saying it’s a good representation of A Gun is a damned good piece of praise. A Gun is expected to go bang when you pull the trigger. A Gun sends a round through the coordinates defined by the sights, to a certain range. If it does not do these things, it is not A Gun; it is A Piece Of Shit Gun, or simply A P.O.S., or a Realistic Fake Gun.

    As such, they sound like a decent value for those who otherwise would be without A Gun.

    Oh, and I wishtohell I’d submitted a patch and gotten Larry’s praise. I’m highly jealous.

  16. Andrew Rothman Says:

    I think you are damning it with faint praise. Besides its ridiculously low price, one of its best features is its size; I’ve had a fair number of small-handed students immediately fall in love with its petite size.

    I pocket carried one for three or four years, before downgrading to an LCP for size reasons.

    I own three Taurus revolvers, too. Of the four, only the .22 revolver, which I bought used, gave me any trouble.v that one was balky from the start: I sent it to the factory, and they repaired it at no charge.