Save Ferris Tam

November 10, 2012 - 6:42 am
Irradiated by Stingray

Ok, I know we’re starting to sound like a one-note monkey here asking y’all to open your wallets, but fuckall if I’m going to let that stop me on this one. Posting this from the road is a pain in the ass, so I’ll be brief.

Tam has a problem.

Lawdog and Old NFO and others you can see linked there (sorry, shitty keyboard makes linksmithing a pain in the ass- details are at LD and NFO’s) are working a solution. Go click over to them, open your wallet up, and do some direct good for one of the people who caused us to start blogging in the first place, and her links to us are a big reason we got enough traffic starting out to even keep bothering trying to gin up the stuff y’all seem to inexplicably like. There’s prizes and shit. Go. Donate.

5 Responses to “Save Ferris Tam”

  1. Old NFO Says:

    Thanks for the contribution! Travel safe!!!

  2. Help a sister out : Newbie Shooter Says:

    […] in this difficult time would have been a great thing to do on its face, but OldNFO, Michael, and the Nerds are appealing to your sense of greed!  If you have a few bucks you can spare (hard these days, I […]

  3. Matt G Says:

    Well done. Thanks for what you do, and did.

  4. Sharp as a Marble - Helping out Tam Says:

    […] Colts to help Tam out ($25 donation) and Michael will make a custom holster for it. Additionally, Stingray is tossing in his $200 Brownells gift certificate from KTKC into that raffle, and Joe Speer (of […]

  5. Brian In Florida Says:

    I support Tam, and all the good people I consider friends. I seldom if ever comment, I do not have a Blog,(I tried it, I failed miserably) but I enjoy the efforts of others. Thank you all, and once in a Blue Moon I might comment.
    My Prayers to Tam. She is a daily read for me as are most of the other loosely nit gun bloggers.
    May God Bless.
    Perhaps one day I will Blog again and fully join this group. Until then.

    Yours in Respect.
    Brian In Florida