Technical Difficulties.

September 4, 2012 - 4:02 pm
Irradiated by Stingray

Yes. We know. No, we’re not pulling the plug. Yes we’re moving soon. (And because of that any comments on this post probably won’t make the trip over, just like that last box of junk from the drawer in the kitchen). More when it’s done.

2 Responses to “Technical Difficulties.”

  1. Glen Weaver Says:

    The server problems are an example of outstanding business oportunity. Your extended blog friends span the globe and have roots in many cultures. It is time for someone to harness this diversity for the purpose of righteous revenge.

    Organize the blog world by belief system from Astrology to Zoroastrianism, and everything in between. Once done, a simple email listserve could alert the users to have all dieties/demons/bad thoughts stimulated to curse the offender right out of the known universe and beyond eternity.

    This would be much more fun than Marko’s Wood Chipper List, as the invokation of such a vast number of Powers could be applied to organizations as well as individuals. Perhaps outsiders could be allowed to use the service for an appropriate fee.

    There are times when the invective of even Calvin’s Mom is not sufficient, and situations where the use of Mssrs. Colt & Brownings hardward are proscribed. An organization to trully blast offenders/offending organizations to Hell and beyond is needed, and the power of the Net may just allow such a service to be organized.

    Alas, I lack the network to begin such a group, but I’ll carefully review the archives and begin a List of Those To Be Damned and Blasted.

    best wishes,

    Glen in Texas

  2. JD Says:

    At least this time I didn’t bug Tam about what happened to you guys. Not because I learned any lessons from the last occurrence, but rather from apathy and inertia.