April 4, 2012 - 6:04 pm
Irradiated by LabRat
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This week sucks, we’ve had enough of it, and it’s only Wednesday. Have an unabashedly silly, terrifically nerdy thing.

nerdcore 4eva

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  1. Gudis Says:

    I saw mc chris live a couple years back, he fucking killed it. No band, no DJ, just a short guy with a 4-track.

  2. Phelps Says:

    Life’s a bitch and I’m her pimp.

    My Fett hoodie says so.

  3. Gnarly Sheen Says:

    MC Chris is so amazing. Thank you for posting this, I hadn’t seen it before! Also awesome it has some of Hoodie Ninja in it 😀

  4. Will Brown Says:

    A different response to “blah”. Must be something in the air – besides 18-wheelers! :)

  5. ozymandias Says:


    That is all.

  6. phlegmfatale Says:

    I want a fire pony! With a fire pony, I could rrrooooll zee vorlt!

  7. Jack Says:


    Welcome to the herd then?

    Or is this purely from the Nerdcore side?

  8. Stingray Says:

    Jack: *brohoof*

  9. Jack Says: