Glasgow v. Siri

March 16, 2012 - 1:44 pm
Irradiated by LabRat
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And explanation.

Interestingly I understood almost all of it, which is a change from the time I actually attempted to speak to a native in Glasgow.

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  1. Heather Says:

    Please promise me that if you haven’t, you’ll look up the parody ad of the couple fighting using Siri. I laughed so hard it hurt!

  2. Chas Says:

    “Glaswegian” is the word for “native of …”, I believe.

  3. HTRN Says:

    That reminds me of this scene from a recent episode of the Big Bang Theory.

  4. zac Says:

    The guy is not Scottish. That is probably why you can understand him. Personally the thickest, most unintelligible accent I have ever come across was spoken by an Englishman. Even other Englishman who were not from his part of the country had trouble understanding him.

  5. LabRat Says:

    No, he’s not, but I watched some of his other videos with his family and I understood them fine, too. I think I’ve just got a better ear now that I’m not as sheltered as I was at the time. (I was 14 when my mother decided to visit Scotland.)

  6. Tatyana Says:

    The only one time I was listening to Scots talking among themselves it did not sound like English at all. [I can just imagine the rage if I made that statement in the comments to your source’ post.]
    It was in a Caribbean resort which for some reason was very popular among Scottish vacationers. In the pool bar two expats were discussing something in their native language – and then one of them turned to me and switched to a perfectly understandable, fluent English. I complimented it. She laughed and said she was a Highlander (huh?) and both languages are English dialects…oh, brother.

  7. Kristopher Says:

    Try English in Melbourne Australia … It took me a few days to even start to comprehend that one …

  8. acairfearann Says:

    Not Glaswegian, or Doric which is even worse, but that is a very funny ad! Good memories.

  9. Says:

    Haven’t been to Glasgow but have been to Edinburgh and around the Highlands a bit and a lot of time on Skye. Accents ranged from relatively thick to quite refined-sounding, to my semi-traveled ear. Brummie (Birmingham) was a bit thickish. Thickest, most inscrutable accent I’ve heard was in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, region of the Geordie accent. There’s a lilting quality to it, but once my ear saddled up for its rather loping gait, I understood them just fine. I’ll never forget thinking how adorable it was that someone talked about going to see a fill-im. Yes, film sort of has two syllables there.

    I could understand the man in the video perfectly. That accent is quite fetching, actually.

    The tech-fail was funny, in a commiserative sense. I think my accent is fairly middle of the road Southernish and those voice-queued menu options on customer service lines don’t understand me sometimes, and it makes me want to stab someone in the neck with a pencil.