Belated Gun Meme

February 16, 2012 - 6:27 pm
Irradiated by LabRat
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So I was whining to Spear about having nothing to post because everything political lately is making me incoherently angry and nothing else interesting seems to be getting my brain juices going. He suggested I do that “Five dream guns” meme that made its way around awhile back; I replied that I had skipped it at the time because compared to most of my blogosphere I know very little about guns and care even less about them beyond their being fun to shoot and useful tools. He indicated that would be why he’d like to see my version. So be it.

1. (categorical answer) A 1911 for every occasion. A super-slick custom 1911! An authentic milsurp service 1911! A beater 1911 to fuck with! A compact 1911! A 1911 tricked out for goblin zapping! A 1911 tricked out for target shooting! If we ever lucked into sufficient disposable cash to do stupid shit with, a gift 1911 presented in a box alongside a fox with some socks, with little 1911s sewn onto the socks!

I’m not going to participate in the pistol equivalent of the Cola Wars; 1911s have a number of drawbacks compared to similar pistols used for similar purposes. I just happen to like them, they fit my hand well and point naturally for me. Not the best, but pretty much the best for me.

We are already well on our way to this goal, minus the fox, socks, and box.

2. A .30-.30 lever action rifle. Lever actions are just great fun for me, it’s got a lot of historical appeal, and they can be carried around relatively painlessly and used to shoot whatever needs shooting, be it game, zombies, or goblins. I already have one of these and enjoy shooting it more than anything else I own. Only drawback is I either need to find a very good pair of tight-fitting gloves I don’t mind beating up, or accept the sacrifice of one of my thumbnails.

3. A Mosin Nagant, preferably of Finnish or Russian make from the 30s. This is pure historical battle rifle geekery; I find something just plain neat about a weapon made to be used to either shoot, stab, or beat Nazis to death with no appreciable ill effect to the weapon. There’s also the slightly mad (and more than a little masochistic) idea that if you can get minute-of-bad-guy accurate with one of those things with iron sights, you can shoot anything. There are certain orthopedic ill effects associated with this plan, but a possible solution may involve an equally regional tradition of wearing a coat made out of two sheep and a boat sail.

4. A shotgun that points swiftly and naturally for me and runs reliably. I also already have one of these. (Actually two, but one of them is OMGWTF long and wears me out faster than the other.) After having shot many shotguns I have mostly concluded the make and model are not actually all that relevant.

5. An AR-15 built specifically for me according to my preferences in weight, sights, barrel length, stock length, handedness, shoe size, and zodiac sign. This is the purest expression of the guns-as-legos desire, basically the rifle version of my 1911 fetish. Once this goal is accomplished I anticipate feeling vague shame about still liking the .30-.30 more. Goal in progress.

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  1. DaddyBear Says:

    I love my Mosin. It’s a plain Jane 1934 Izhevsk. It kicks like a mule, is as ugly as you can find, and causes skeletal realignments when shot more than a few times. But it’s my favorite rifle, even more than my Garand (I know, heresy). It hits minute of German out to about 200 yards, and that’s good enough for me.

  2. jigsaw Says:

    I skipped the meme for the very same reasons .. and it’s interesting to see that your choices match mine pretty much spot on (however, you can keep the fox). Oh, and you can keep the Mosin Nagant too – I’ve shot one a couple of times and they are my least favourite gun!

    I’ll take a Mauser 308 instead thanks …

  3. Kristopher Says:

    If anyone is interested in some more of this meme …

    I still want a gyrojet.

  4. Old NFO Says:

    I just don’t get peoples fascination with Mosins…

  5. karrde Says:

    I’ve got one Mosin-Nagant (44), and a lever-action chambered in .357 Mag.

    Why chamber a lever action in a pistol caliber? I don’t know, but it’s fun to shoot.

  6. LabRat Says:

    It’s pretty much the same as people’s fascination with Garands, only with a northeastern European accent.

    That, and sheer fascination with how it was possible to rack up confirmed kills in the hundreds with an instrument many people would get more use out of as a tomato stake.

  7. guy Says:

    “A .30-.30 lever action rifle…accept the sacrifice of one of my thumbnails.”

    This one confused me. Is it because the loading gate bangs your nails up?

    Just FYI – I’m a guy who clips his nails short with whatever wire cutters are handy when I notice them getting too long.

  8. Greg Says:

    I understand the lever-action fetish…I have an AR, and I like it, but given the need for something handy and anticipated ranges being under 150 yards…I’m gonna pick my lever action .357.

  9. LabRat Says:

    Guy- Yep, exactly it. I don’t exactly take great care of my nails, as I mostly want them out of the way, but they are rather soft and break/tear easily. And the loading gate bites.

  10. Kristopher Says:

    I suggest using clear tubing so you can see any jams that form.

  11. Eseell Says:

    OT, but this paper on amusia and pitch-based language processing seemed like something that would be of interest to you.

  12. Steve Bodio Says:

    LR– I put a link up at Q with mine.

  13. Firehand Says:

    Fired a Finn M39; the best of the Mosin Nagants. Very nice trigger, good sights, MUCH smoother action. Liked, very much.