KTKC: The Weekendening

September 12, 2011 - 3:33 pm
Irradiated by Stingray
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With my dignity still up for grabs* in Ambulance Driver’s Kilted to Kick Cancer drive, it’s time to pester you all for the day with more gratuitous kilt pictures from the weekend.

Being nice enough to root for his teammates by doing spotlight pieces on folks, AD was mayhaps a bit over-generous in his assessment of my beer. The only thing to do then is to make like every small-batch craftsman and up the bullshit quotient until something either breaks or works out. To do this, naturally the only thing possible was to incorporate old-world techniques to my production:

Just a tad shy of two cases of what was named “Firecrotch” by my adoptive sister’s crew for reasons still best defined as “Because.”

That’s right, just like they did it back in the old country.**
See? People have been brewing beer in kilts forever! I mean consider some of the quotes.

“I would kill everyone in this room for a drop of sweet beer.”
-Homer Simpson

Wait, wrong source.

“….satisfy his spirit with beef and fowl, bread and beer”
-An old Egyptian tomb

See? The Egyptians used to wear dresses back when they were in the Impressive Tomb Building business. And that’s close enough for me!

Now if that isn’t enough to make you donate to the Prostate Cancer Foundation I don’t know what is.

Wait, yes I do. I have an unfair advantage over the other KTKC folks.

I have akita puppies.
Scientific fact: Laps with kilts are 7.62 times better for holding puppies than laps with pants.
If you didn’t donate to PCF, you should really consider donating via Livestrong. If you don’t, it could have serious repercussions for the number of puppy pictures on the internet. I mean, you should see them jaw-jousting! But if prostate cancer is still running rampant, I might be too upset to post the pictures. You know what to do.

*Remember, if I’m in 1st or 2nd place for overall donations earned, I’m liveblogging my own prostate exam.

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  1. Old NFO Says:

    Well done SR! And those pups are GROWING fast!!!

  2. Maureen Says:

    You definitely have the cutest …. puppies, Stingray. Still, I hit all three of you with donations…. it was AD’s idea, and it was through him that I first found Jay … and through Jay, you and LabRat. So choosing one of you over the others would be like choosing a favorite puppy. Couldn’t do it, but the good news is LiveStrong and PCF all got hit up with a donation for a worthy cause. Good luck!!

  3. phlegmfatale Says:

    What date is the end of the drive?

  4. Stingray Says:

    11:59:59 pm 30SEP2011

  5. mike w. Says:

    Scientific fact: Laps with kilts are 7.62 times better for holding puppies than laps with pants.”

    And what about laps with no pants? Shall we consult Robb Allen?

  6. LabRat Says:

    Are you kidding? At that age their nails are razor sharp, even trimmed.

  7. Tam Says:

    The kilt is cool, but the shirt is awesome! 😀

  8. Justthisguy Says:

    Liveblogging yer prostate exam? Dude, as someone in his seventh decade I’m way overdue for one m’self, but are you talking about the kind which is done, um, digitally?

    I mind Cap’n Lex’s stories about the Flight Physical for Naval Aviators, in which the Prostate Exam comes first, so as to establish that the Flight Surgeon is the dominant monkey, not the Aviator.

    I just hope you don’t get all butthurt over it.