August 9, 2011 - 9:04 pm
Irradiated by LabRat
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Today has been both very busy and kind of terrible. On the upside we successfully got one vehicle’s A/C repaired, on the very down Zydeco is significantly sicker, now on yet another stronger antibiotic, and sounding like an extra from a zombie movie. Whatever idiot was on the phone at the vet’s office yesterday that turned me away with “sorry, booked, not unless it’s a dire emergency” is likely going to catch it in the neck later though, judging by how the docs reacted to him and how far they seem to be trying to go out of their way to make this, and him, right.

No time. No focus. I’m going to go away and have several adult beverages now.

Update for the influx of VFTP sympathy (thanks, Tam. We appreciate it. :) )
We’re not quite at looking at having to say goodbye just yet, he just went into a downhill dive after what should have been a much more routine procedure.

He went through a dental to remove a rotten canine, and what it looks like happened is the bacteria, which we thought were more knocked down than they were and turned out to be resistant to the antibiotic he was originally sent home with, bunkered up in the pocket where the tooth was and made a hard pushback. We got another antibiotic- in large chewable tabs his gums hurt too much to chew and therefore we had to pill him- and that was supposed to set him back right.

We got the second antibiotic, and gave it a chance to work, right as he had the opportunity to get Emphatically Not Better over the weekend. He went from congested to gurgling breathing and sneezing gore and the side of his nose started bulging alarmingly. Then we get to Monday and I guess I should have been a lot more aggressive with miss not-an-emergency.

So, on Tuesday I was rather frayed to hear that the reason I had stopped being able to pill him was not his cleverness in holding the pill on the back of his tongue, but that his nose and throat are so swollen now he couldn’t swallow it, so basically I was trying to choke my cat to death in the name of helping him.

So now he has a liquid antibiotic the vet swears up down and sideways is excellent on dental/facial infections, is not usually prescribed to animals, and which we had to fetch from a human pharmacy, and the clinic is calling every day for updates and to remind me I can bring him in anytime.

He seems maybe a bit better today? I dunno. But that’s the Story Thus Far.

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  1. Peter Says:

    Prayers going up for you, Stingray and Zydeco. I know you don’t rock that way, but I do, so I’ll do what I can to help at a distance. If Miss D. or I can help at all, please contact us.

  2. LabRat Says:

    It’s appreciated, man. One of us is wrong, we’re both entirely sincere, and from either direction you’re being a good friend.

    Materially speaking we have everything we need. All we require beyond that is judgment and followthrough on both our parts and the vets’.

  3. Mousie762 Says:

    I will also pray.

  4. Tarb Says:

    LabRat and Stingray, I’m sorry Zydeco’s not well. I hope the antibiotics work fast, and he starts feeling better quickly. Thinking of you all, with my best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  5. Ruth Says:

    Poor kitty! Hope the new drugs do the job (and the idiot at the vets looses his job!)

  6. Comrade Misfit Says:

    I’ll keep Zydeco in my thoughts. I hope the drugs do the job.

  7. Marja Says:

    Best wishes for Zydeco.

  8. bluntobject Says:

    All the best for Zydeco and the rest of you.

  9. Christina LMT Says:

    Sorry to hear about Zydeco’s troubles. I hope the stronger antibiotics kick in and he gets better ASAP.

  10. Wing and a Whim Says:

    When Zydeco gets better, the vets can make their phone-answerer be the one who has to do the next blood draw from Zydeco. In a small room bolted from the outside. He’ll catch it in a lot more places than the neck…

  11. Murphy's Law Says:

    Aw, even Murphy the dog is sending best wishes to a cat named Zydeco. I mean, how could anyone not? Get well soon, little cat buiddy!

  12. alan Says:

    Poor Zydeco. :(

  13. guffaw Says:

    Prayers and good thoughts yours and Zydeco’s way…

  14. Carl H. Says:

    Be well, kitkat.

  15. DJ Says:

    This brings tears to my eyes. Really.

    Last January, we lost our Pixie after 18 years. Her kidneys finally gave out. Holding her while she died was the hardest thing I have ever done.

    On the brighter side, we now have a 20-week-old brother and sister pair. Even so, it hurts every time I pick them up.

    You and Zydeco have my sympathy and my hopes.

  16. Says:

    Tell the old Yowler to hang inn there and ill bring him more scrappy nibbles next time we come down .

  17. Roberta X Says:

    Poor Zydeco! My heart is with you all.

  18. Tatyana Says:

    Wish him get well soon (ASAP), and for you to have one less worry

  19. North Says:

    Best thoughts for Zydeco.

  20. Tennessee Budd Says:

    Best wishes for him & y’all.

  21. Kevin Baker Says:

    Wow, and I thought I had problems with a 17 year-old cat with constipation. (He’s much better now.)

    Best wishes for Zydeco’s recovery!

  22. Old NFO Says:

    Hope Zydeco gets better quick… Prayers here too!

  23. misbeHaven Says:

    Sending up a little prayer that Zydeco gets well soon.

  24. Justthisguy Says:

    My guy is 16, and I know of what you speak wrt the ignant bimbo doodah who answers the phone at the Vet’s office. Both Christian and Egyptian prayers offered for Zydeco. Hey, kittehs aren’t mentioned in the Bible, so I think that’s OK!