Happy Multifarious Holiday

December 24, 2010 - 2:48 pm
Irradiated by LabRat
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We’ll be exchanging Saturnalia gifts, admiring the Yule tree, having a nice solstice feast and probably also there will be Christmas music.

Be happy and well.

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  1. julie Says:

    Enjoy the season!

    And have a Merry Christmas … or whatever :)

  2. Old NFO Says:

    Oh to hell with it… Merry Christmas! :-)

  3. Mousie762 Says:

    Happy December 25th through January 6th to you both!

  4. Midwest Chick Says:

    Have a Wild Saturnalia, Blessed Yule, Happy Solstice, and a very Merry Christmas.

  5. Wing and a Whim Says:

    Have a great whatever!

  6. Farmmom Says:

    Love ya both and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS! :P

  7. Roberta X Says:

    Have ya a good holiday. Let it be the thing itself, and not the word-symbol-tag.

  8. Kristopher Says:

    Will you be crowning an annoying neighbor Emperor for Saturnalia, and then sacrificing him in the morning?

  9. Tatyana Says:

    Happy New Year, Labrat &Stingray

  10. Christina LMT Says:

    Hope you Nerds had a good one! Happy New Year!