Pretend harder! We're almost there!

November 18, 2010 - 4:51 pm
Irradiated by Stingray
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Let’s just take stock for a sec, shall we?
The right to move about freely? Pretty well gone. And vastly more people support these sort of activities for “making us safer” than oppose them, even with the current backlash against TSA. Think that’s going to come to anything? When was the last time “I’m sort of a big deal on the internet?” actually worked, hmm?

Freedom of expression, to speak our minds freely? Good luck with that. But that internet blacklist will only be about pirates and websites where you can download Transformers 2 without paying! Promise! And not using your cell in the car will make you safer! (And for even happier news, COICA there passed the Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously today.)

Well we can still make our own choices about stuff in our own homes! Sure. If you pick the right things.

Food! The most basic thing we need after water! We totally call the shots there! Are you getting the picture yet, Skippy? Yes, you read that right. Food production as something to be controlled by Homeland Fucking Security. Seed-saving illegal. Hasn’t everybody been going on all week about just what an awesome job they did with the TSA?

Really, do I have to go on? The war on some drugs? Asset forfeiture? Kelo v. New London* SWAT teams serving warrants (and their abysmal rate of even getting the right house)? Oh, we got Heller and McDonald to help out with the guns (that won’t be used for that), sure. Here’s the “congratulations.”

Stop calling this a free country.
Stop calling this a good country.
“It’s shittier in ________!” does not confer automatic goodness simply because we are, for the moment, slightly less shitty.

Roberta is absolutely 100% correct:

IMO, this country is irreparably broken. I can’t fix it. Most people do not seem to want it fixed. Politically, I am committed to stickin’ an umbrella in the spokes, every chance I get.

Stick it in the spokes. Monkeywrench. Cause havoc where you can, even though the overall effect will simply be to annoy some low-end pusher of red tape, and probably make a red flag when they eventually decide to swat you down, but kindly stop pretending that “Yay, we voted some of them out!” or “Hooray, a well decided court case!” is going to do a damn thing to fix the fact that the vast majority of the people in this country are simply broken.

Kevin Baker likes to comment on these sort of observations that there’s “Tough history coming.” No, there isn’t. Look at the countries where things are worse. England, France, Spain, Canada… there are no revolutions there. There won’t be any here. The odd threeper might finally decide to stop squawking and actually pop off, and will be dismissed as the loony of the week, forgotten as soon as Monday Night Football starts. This can is going to be kicked down the road well beyond our lifetime. Dig your heels in to try and slow this freight train if you feel the urge, but me, fuck it. I just found Airwolf on netflix instant stream.

*Fixed, thanks Kevin. Must’ve been looking at a beer bottle or something.

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  1. DaddyBear Says:

    Stingray, I hope you’re wrong, but I fear you might be right. In any case, even if all I do is preach to the birds, I’ll keep squawking. Maybe all I’m doing is wasting my breath, but there’s always the chance that someone will listen, learn, and act. And I’ll keep exercising the rights I still have left, and will push against those rights that have been given away.

  2. jc Says:

    That’s ok, Ray. Don’t feel like you have to hold back. Tell us how you really feel.
    (Dodge and dive to avoid shrapnel)

  3. Mr. B Says:

    Orwell didn’t write fiction, he was a prophet.

  4. Wraith Says:

    Look at the countries where things are worse. England, France, Spain, Canada… there are no revolutions there.

    With all due respect, Stingray…that’s irrelevant.

    We’re not Europe, where they still don’t understand why the socialists got their asses whooped in our last elections. We aren’t Canada, who are still an independent country only because they’re lucky enough to reside in our back yard.

    We’re America. We were born in the fire of rebellion, built on the rights of man, and we’ve about had quite enough of this collectivist shit. Many of us have lost our way, but I believe that more than enough liberty-minded folks remain to put paid to the failed policies of statism and tyranny.

    Nothing is certain, and we’re heading for some Interesting Times(tm)(r), but don’t underestimate us.

  5. Stingray Says:

    Orwell was only half right. We’ve got the people cheering the TSA to stand in for the “Do it to Julia!” pep squad, but beyond that… paxil, viagra, ambien, zoloft… soma just has more names than expected. Sex play is scheduled in, and I’m awfully glad I don’t have Sarah Palin’s problems. It’s much better to be a beta. Look at those funny deltas on “Cops”!

  6. McThag Says:

    So we’re doomed and we should just relax and let the hooks do their work?


    I will be happy about the small victories. I will keep trying to stand in their way. I good hunk of this is about inertia. It took decades to get this screwed up and, sadly, it will take decades to fix. But it will only get fixed if we, yes WE, keep trying.

    Make that low level drone push tape. That’s five minutes he’s occupied on something known and not five minutes being creative. Make them waste resources.

  7. SayUncle » “It’s a free country” Says:

    […] No it’s not. Stop saying that. […]

  8. Jay G. Says:


    I finally found someone almost as pessimistic as myself…

  9. TS Says:

    We’re getting closer to “Idiocracy”, though the movie’s 500 year timeline and lack of complete economic implosion is pretty optimistic.

  10. LabRat Says:

    McThag- oh, we do. Research the ballots every year even though there are no good choices, harass the Congresscritters, upset bureaucrats where it would accomplish anything other than making some powerless functionary’s life miserable.

    It’s just that, unlike me, my little ray of sunshine tires of pretending he believes it’s going to make a major difference in the end…

  11. Squid Says:

    I console myself in the knowledge that these shenanigans all require money, and that the well is quickly running dry. Awful hard for a bureaucrat to feed his family with state-issued IOUs, no matter how powerful his union might be.

    Unsustainable policies cannot be sustained, and the longer our moral superiors ignore the problem, the harder the landing will be.

    We’ll win, not because we’re right, or persuasive, or powerful. No, we’ll win because what goes up, must come down.

  12. JohnOC Says:

    Dammit, now the Airwolf theme is stuck in my head.

  13. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    “Hi, there. I want to talk to you about ducts.” TSA? The metastasizing bureaucracy? We’re headed for Brazil, now that we’re past 1984. It’ll be easier for them to keep us fixated on filling out all the forms, than to keep their boot on our throats. We’ll have too much to think about, too many i’s to dot and t’s to cross, to remember that it can be any different. Oh, and security! They can sell us anything if it makes us more secure! One less thing we have to think about! Don’t worry, we’ll finance it for them. As long as we can be harvested, we’ll finance it.

  14. Kevin Baker Says:

    It’s Kelo v. New London.

    That “Tough History Coming”? From my perspective that’s what’s going to happen when we finally run out of money to the point that no one can pretend anymore. And we’ll be taking the rest of the world down the rabbit-hole with us.

    Roberta’s right. It’s broke, and we can’t fix it.

  15. Old NFO Says:

    It IS broke, and it’s up to us and our kids to try to take back control… But I wonder if anyone has the cojones to actually stand up and try. We need to finish the job we started with this election, then TRULY hold our elected officials responsible. AND people need to take responsibility for their actions

  16. Stingray Says:

    D’oh. Fixed that, Kevin. I blame my proofreader. The liberal media. Sarah Palin. LOCUSTS!

  17. Doc Merlin Says:

    You can take the Soma and roll over an die, but as for me…
    I will keep fighting!
    I say, its more fun to wrestle with giants than to give up!
    I will not just dig in my heels to try to slow the train, but will at every chance I get grab ahold and pull away from tyranny.

    – Jorge Emrys Landivar