Summer Reruns Redux: Just A Thought

August 2, 2010 - 4:04 pm
Irradiated by Stingray
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DisturbedLoyal readers may remember a while back we lost a good chunk of content thanks to some DNS issues and a migration to a new server. A recent post at Kevin’s had me looking for one of those lost posts, and was finally motivation enough to actually go through the raw SQL version of the missing material. Various technical issues prevent an easy splice back into where the article originally appeared, so since we’ve got an early raid tonight and not much time for actual thinky-thinky content, y’all get a rerun of my original thoughts about Yuri Bezmenov, the state of modern education, and the current political landscape. Enjoy, and cross your fingers I can dig out some of the other popular-but-missing posts from this monster too now that I’ve finally dug into it.

Some time back, Kevin Baker at The Smallest Minority put up a post involving a video clip of a fairly noteworthy Soviet defector, Yuri Bezmenov. Kevin’s point was one regarding our education system, but my Reynold’s wrap beanie is telling me there’s a little more going on here. Wander over and watch the clip and read the post & excerpts.

Earlier tonight, we recorded the first of the New and Improved Vicious Circle (link coming soon). Why new and improved? Probably because Alan is actually going to get around to posting this one (we hope), but I digress. Originally one of the topics for the evening was going to be “why the fuck are the Democrats determined to try socialism when it never worked anywhere else?” It being the Vicious Circle, we of course didn’t stay anywhere near what was originally planned for the most part, and since I actually thought I felt a neuron fire on this topic earlier, I figured I’d trot it out here instead. (Edit: Holy crap! He did it!)

Now let’s just take a minute and think about our elected officials, be they democrat, rino, or pretty much anyone other than Ron Paul, who has his own set of problems anyway. Some senators can’t manage to drive across a bridge without killing someone. Others think their staff sent them an internet. Bluntly put, congressmen and senators are too busy diddling page boys, evading their taxes, drowning their workers, going out with mistresses, explaining that barrel shrouds are shoulder things that go up, and generally demonstrating as frequently as possible that between all 535 of them you could find more intelligence and general competence (in ANY field other than getting elected) in a lightly stunned ground squirrel. Seriously, look at ’em. They’re really fuckin’ dumb if you hadn’t noticed! And when they flaunt that idiocy, it’s not in an isolated incident! They’ve admitted frequently, especially since President Leave Britney My Presidency Alone took office, that they don’t even read the bills they’re voting into law.

Again, consider their frequent demonstrations of idiocy. I cannot believe this is a new and recent development. Now think about who is writing and reading these bills, if not our dully (sic) elected officials. Why, that would be their staff! People not elected, but hired based on, essentially, their ability to bullshit and look good, and for some specialists, manage the press when the Senator decides to test the float-mode on his car and comes up light one passenger. There’s obviously some degree of oversimplification here, but how much is anybody’s guess. These hired bullshit specialists have been crafting our laws for quite a damn few years, based simply off their ability to get hired.

Kinda like schools have to hire teachers.

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