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August 31, 2009 - 1:59 pm
Irradiated by Stingray
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Having finally gotten word back from hosting that the earliest we’ll see our data back (not the earliest you will see the missing posts, of course- I still have to un-fuck further once I get the original database) is Thursday, the only thing to do is keep on keeping on. And swearing. Swearing a lot.

So in that spirit, I’m bringing Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter International back for another romp through the limelight. LabRat already reviewed it, and I’m pretty sure I said a few words about it further back (short version: It rocks. You buy it. You read it. You thank me later).

Now Larry being hip and wise and in tune with his readership, he found on Facebook that folks who enjoyed the book were designing their own Monster Hunter unit patches, much like military unit patches. So just like any modern businessman, Larry sued the bejesus out of everybody who even looked at the book in a store for copyright infringement started a contest to become part of the official Monster Hunter canon. The rules were short and simple, design your unit patch however you like, as long as it’s in subdued colors suitable for a military-like unit. Get it to him by email or facebook (the page is called Monster Hunter International, Hunter Unite! – sorry no link, I don’t twitterfacemytubespace), along with the region/town the team represents. Full rules are at the link above, but if you didn’t know about it till now, it’s probably too late- entries close today. The winning patch will be mentioned in Monster Hunter International 2, currently estimated out sometime in 2010, along with an autographed copy of the first book.

Lacking utterly in the visual creativity department, I drafted a friend into service turning the image in my head into something suitable for submission. The Monster Hunter Los Alamos entry was submitted last night. Since I had some extra creativity juice left over from not having to get my hands covered in pixels with photoshop or gimp, I spilled it onto a screen and came up with a little back story for our local unit.

By 1943, the Manhattan Project was well underway in the quiet mountains of northern New Mexico. Scientists working around the clock were in a race against time to develop a weapon which would end the war. While the outcome of the project is well known, history has quietly overlooked the options on the table that were competing with the atomic bomb for priority.

Members of tribes local to the area for thousands of years were quietly hired on as support staff- janitors, cooks, maids, the usual jobs that folks with PhDs tend to look down on. Security was tight, but every small community gossips, and hints of what was going on behind all that razor wire eventually trickled out to a Bruja in Espanola, the next town over and home to most of the natives working for the project.

Standard Bruja rap sheet. Feared in her community, powerful and mysterious, responsible for deaths, losses, failed crops, and on one occasion, a particularly memorable tarantula mating season. The Bruja sensed an opportunity for great power, and convinced a research team of the possible weapons benefits of her talents.

MHI Los Alamos was founded as a direct result of this team’s led-astray research. After what was from then on only referred to as “Decision Week,” three top scientists were dead, a dozen lab workers were insane, another twenty were simply missing, and the Army security forces were literally decimated, with one man in ten missing, insane, or mutilated. Scientists tinkering with the most powerful forces in the universe sometimes achieve unexpected results. Sometimes dealing with these results requires specialized talents, combined with extraordinary intellect.

Since Decision Week in June of 1943, the Los Alamos team of Monster Hunter International has had a motto. In the midst of utter chaos and carnage, a physicst working under Dr. Feynman stared calmly into the eyes of a Skinwalker and told it, simply, “Back off man. I’m a scientist.”

Click for big. Leigh did a fantastic job on this sucker.

Update: Vote here!

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  1. bluntobject Says:

    “Back off man. I’m a scientist.”

    I have a new motto. Excellent.

    This backstory reminds me very much of Bruce Sterling’s short story “The Unthinkable”. Excerpted:

    Doughty could recall it with an awful clarity—the great finned navy monster, the barnacled pockets in its vast ribbed belly holding a slumbering cargo of hideous batwinged gaunts. On order from Washington, the minor demons would waken, slash their way free from the monster’s belly, launch, and fly to their appointed targets with pitiless accuracy and the speed of a tempest. In their talons, they clutched triple-sealed spells tha could open, for a few hideous microseconds, the portal between universes. And for an instant, the Radiance of Azathoth would gush through. And whatever tha Color touched—wherever its unthinkable beam contacted earthly substance—the Earth would blister and bubble in cosmic torment. The very dust of the explosion would carry an unearthly taint.

    Good stuff. Mine’s in an only half-forgettable collection of Lovecraft-inspired fiction titled Cthulhu 2000.

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  3. NCMO Says:

    Another reason Larry is awesome: while he was a concealed firearm instructor he gave free classes to all students and staff at Utah colleges, he must be responsible for hundreds of people legally carrying guns on campus (including me).

  4. Ambulance Driver Says:

    And what exactly are you a doctor of, Dr. Venckman?

  5. Caleb Says:

    You know, the MHI universe lends itself quite nicely to fanfic.