Home Again, Home Again

May 18, 2009 - 7:19 pm
Irradiated by Stingray
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Jiggety jig! After a solid eight or nine hours on the road, involving the usual transition from Phoenix driving conditions (i.e. the cop flips you off because you were only going ten over the limit and that’s way too freakin’ slow) to northern New Mexico driving conditions (i.e. “Ohmigodohmigodohmigod if I exceed the speed limit every atom in the universe will simultaneously explode at the speed of light!”), we are home safe and sound, if a tad tired. Hotel beds are never the most sleep-friendly, and with our heads all aswim with thoughts of various awesome and pervertedfriendly internet buddies suddenly made into real boys (and girl), the one tasked with resting us for today’s trip was no exception.

The good news is I’ve got actual honest to Browning real I-earned-my-official-media-badge content coming up, along with various other cool stuff. The bad news is that one part isn’t going to be as cool as I’d hoped thanks to an electronic failure, and that it isn’t going to be tonight either. In the meanwhile, if you’d like our impressions of the convention, along with plenty of rambling and dead air space (which supposedly adds value, and that’s what we’re going to keep telling ourselves) you can listen to the NRA Convention episode of The Vicious Circle, featuring myself, my lovely wife, Alan, and TD (both linked above). We do tend to go on, and there’s a break in the middle where we stopped to run the AC again, ’cause four people in one hotel room in Phoenix with triple digit heat can only snark for so long.

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  1. top of the chain Says:

    I’ve been waiting for your next installment. I am going to live the convention vicariously through your exploits. MMMM, shoot goodness. Glad you’re back safe

  2. Alan Says:

    Y’all are much better in person. We need to do that again, but without the convention getting in the way.

  3. breda Says:

    I feel bad I didn’t get to say a proper goodbye. Meeting the both of you was one of the highlights of my trip – and Alan is right, y’all ARE better in person.

    And really, see one convention and you’ve seen them all.

  4. Roberta X Says:

    Yowza! –Both to the “meeting friends is the best part of the convention” and having a nice, friendly chat with H-S Precision. Well done, you!

  5. Instinct Says:

    Wish I could have gone to that, maybe next year. To celebrate though we (the wife and I) went shooting this weekend. didn’t do too bad either considering it’s been years since I’ve gone shooting


  6. mike w. Says:

    Good to meet you guys! I had a great time.

    And yeah, hanging out with a bunch of awesome folks is the best part of these things. If all I had to do for 4 days was wander around the exhibit hall I’d have been bored out of my mind halfway through.