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Testing… testing… is this thing on?

July 28, 2007 - 10:39 am Comments Off on Testing… testing… is this thing on?

We’re nukey, we’re nerdy,
this project’s moving slowly,
and if the wife will pick one I’ll install a brand new theme!

We’re rookies at blogging,
but our site can take a flogging.
We may be boring people, but at least our snark is free!

So here’s Los Alamos, it’s a whole wide world apart,
Our home sweet home, it stands alone, a scientific work of farce!
The posts are uncommon, I’m still not sure this thing’s on,
On LabRat’s brand new blog page, it’s about to start!

She’s sexy, and funny, a total geeked out honey,
Stingray’s a curmudgeon, but can make computers sing.
Here’s Kodos, our guard dog, we swear he isn’t livestock,
The evil cat is Zydeco, the puppy’s name is Kang.

Here upon the vaunted Hill, things really ain’t so bad,
even though we sometimes glow with a couple extra rads!
We’re nukey, we’re nerdy, we’re both still under thirty,
It’s LabRat’s brand new blog page, come and join the fun.

And now my post is done.